About Tectum bud

Tectum-Bud Building Company provides a wide spectrum of building services at the Ukrainian market.We render a complete complex of engineering and building services as well as consulting services on planning, building and equipment of commercial and industrial buildings, rooms with controlled environment (refrigerator, freezing, gas chambers, and shock freezing chambers), and landscape design.
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Ukraine, Lviv
2B, Br. Tymoshenkiv Str., apt.7
111A, Shevchenka Str., of.502
tel.: +38 (067) 32-000-24 

These are buildings mainly used on the production and trade objects, purchase and storage enterprises allowing to regulate a temperature, humidity and chemical air composition manually.
Production and warehouse buildings - it is important material element of the capital assets of the enterprise as well as necessary condition for creation of normal environment for production and storage of industrial and agricultural products.
The landscape designs are detached small trade, social, auxiliary of other buildings made on the basis of special metallic constructions covered with sandwich panels.

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