is a group of companies that specializes in fruit and berries processing and production of the concentrated juices, purees, juices to the final consumer and fresh fruits and berries. T.B. Fruit company uses closed cycle of concentrates and juices production: growing - processing - transportation. It allows to control the quality of products from the stage of forming the sorts of the raw materials’ source to product delivery to the user.
The company Jablunevyi Dar is a leader in production of the concentrated juices on the territory of Ukraine. As of today Jablunevyi Dar consists of powerful modern plants located in four regions of Ukraine: Lviv, Khmelnytsky, Kharkivsky and Vinnytsky Region. All these plants are supplied with modern equipment, produced by the leading manufacturers such as Bucher, Boema and other. Since 2008 the Quality Management System ISO9001 has been introduced at all enterprises of the company. In 2010 the company made a new turn of its development – first orchards and berry plantations were established.
Activ Solar
is an international company specializing in planning and manufacturing of goods on the basis of solar technologies. The purpose of company is mastering of enormous potential of sun energy for satisfaction of changeable necessities of the future. The company pays special attention to development of selective large-scale photo-electric projects on sun parks building. Clear vision of aims, technological know-how and strategic partnerships, provide the company a reliable place in the future photoelectric power engineering.
The basic activity of TANK TRANS company is focused on transportation of food and not food goods by tank-cars. Within only several years of persistent and systematic works a small transport enterprise grew into Tank Trans Ltd. owning a fully renewed modern fleet of motor vehicles consisting of over 100 tank-cars. The number of transport units in the vehicle fleet is being constantly increased, the level of services provision is being modernized and improved. The non-food goods are transported by the tank-cars specially intended for this transportation type.
is the first Ukrainian line of NFC juices (not from concentrate). They are made from the best sorts of apples and berries grown on abundant grounds of Galychyna and Zakarpattia. The Galicia natural juices are manufactured on the production capacities of T.B.Fruit company - the Ukrainian leader in fruit and berries processing. The company is one of ten best European processing companies.
Nowadays the AKW Ukrainian Kaolin Company is a modern mining enterprise specializing on the miming of raw kaolin, production of the enriched kaolin and fractionating of quartz sands. Presently there are intensively conducted investment projects for modernization of existent equipment which in turn will enable the enterprise to remain competitive in Europe and in the whole world.
Basic direction of the work of the Vostok-Profil company is production, sale, delivery and mounting of roofing and facade materials for building and external finishing of buildings. In particular it concerns tile effect roofing, corrugated board, storm sewage system and mansard windows, hydro isolation and heat insulation, selected elements and auxiliary materials. High quality of manufactured products is guaranteed by exactness and computer management of manufacturing processes.
The SAS International Transportation Company has been working on the international passenger transportations since 2001. Main concept of the company is rendering of high quality transport services. While performing these services we pay great attention to transport carrying our passengers and stuff.
The Ilta Lviv Company is the official dealer of the PEUGEOT Car Company. Its main sphere of activity is a sale and service of cars of the French brand. The company became the first Lviv motor-car company which has taken a principle of complete service cycle as the basic principle of the work with clients. In the company motorcar showroom in addition to car selection, insurance of transport vehicle, help in its registration in the appropriate authorities of Ukraine clients, both current and future, can familiarize with features and requirements of PEUGEOT cars service, choose additional equipment and accessories.
The Kormotech Company is the first Ukrainian manufacturer of the dry extruded and moist petfood. It is one of three key companies of the Ukrainian market of the cats and dogs fodders. The main purpose of the company activity is becoming a leader at the market of Ukraine by means of permanent perfection of fodder production technology.
Yu..R.K. Ltd.
is the official dealer of Renault in Lviv. The wide model line of Renault cars is presented in a new modern motorcar showroom. The qualified personnel of the company answers here for all questions, provides necessary information to enable you to make the best choice. There is a technical service station directly at the motorcar showroom. The technical centre specialists regularly take part in lectures and special trainings in the Renault Technical Centres.
Agroservis Ltd. has been working at the fish and sale products market in Crimea AR for over 10 years. The company offers a large assortment of products, flexible system of discounts and provides an individual approach to every client! All the goods have all necessary documents. The Sales Department of the company constantly conducts analyses of market trends .and consequently extends the product assortment.
The Nika Zakhid Ltd. is a company specializing in distribution of food goods, animal fodder, cleaning and hygiene products in the Lviv and Ternopil Regions. As for today the company serves over 8000 clients ranging from small shops located in the mountain Carpathians districts to the network giants, such as Silpo, Barvinok, Vopak, Arsen, Furshet.
The Artis PC was founded in 1998. From the first day of its operation the company has chosen as its strategy introduction into market only high-quality goods of the reliable trade marks and new technologies. The company priority is to provide the clients with equipment in a necessary amount and on time, to expand the spectrum of sanitary engineering equipment. Presence of warehouse stock and permanent researches of new technological decisions, their adaptation to the necessities of clients allows companies to fulfil their tasks keeping their competitiveness.

is one of Western Ukrainian leaders in the wholesale and retail trade of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
Macros Ltd.
is a company specializing in production and sale of ecologically clean and high-quality natural raw material and stabilizing, condensing and moisture keeping ingredients for different branches of food industry. It manufactures stabilizers (Macgel TM) for different branches of food industry and flavour and aroma compounds (Macspice TM). The company also conducts import-export operations of hydrocolloids (carrageenan, guar gum, xanthan, alginates and other).
Instalplast-KHV — is a domestic manufacturer of plastic pipes for water supply, gas supply and water drain. Besides this, "Intsalplast-KHV" produces the whole range of fittings for internal and external drainage systems, as well as shielding for telecommunication systems and networks. High quality and reliability of the "Intsalplast-KHV" production in the combination of the excellent installation brought the industrial group good response from the customers as well as the recognition in this market sector.
Nowadays LLC «SAYUZ» owns the highly effective engineering-technological basis and the novel technologies, which permit to develop and produce new, modern and qualitative products of the highest level. To identify the qualitative products of the producer, LLC «SAYUZ» created «ELEYUS» trademark on the market.
Сoncern Galnaftogaz
is the leading Ukrainian company, basic activity of which is retail of fuel and consumer goods and services through the network of OKKO branded filling complexes. Company is among leaders at the oil products market and is presented in all regions of Ukraine as well as AR of Crimea. Another important direction of the Company’s activities is retail of consumer goods and services through the network of convenient stores, at filling complexes and outside them. Concern Galnaftogaz is also engaged into large and small wholesale of oil products and provides storage and transporting services of fuel to third parties.
he advantageous geographical location and favorable climate SZK Odessa area to create a powerful raw material base, which in turn opens up the opportunity to offer consumers a wide range of products. The plant produces fruit and berry, vegetable aseptic puree, power line is 100 tons per day. Juice factory Kodymsky fitted line for the production of apple juice concentrate.
Ukrainian-English joint enterprise "Galca Ltd" is a home leader in a high-quality coffee production in Ukraine. This is a modern, powerful enterprise with an up-to-date production equipment. Modern technologies, strict control of technological processes in particular, quality materials allow to produce a high quality coffee. Nowadays in “Galca” assortment there are about twenty types of coffee awarded at various national and international products competitions. The vast majority of awards are rewards for the high quality of the product.

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