The room with the regulatory environment

These are buildings mainly used on the production and trade objects, purchase and storage enterprises allowing to regulate a temperature, humidity and chemical air composition manually.

They are the following:
  • Refrigerator chambers - intended for storage, cooling and freezing of food goods at temperatures from + 5°С to - 40°С, in production, warehouse and trade buildings, food service houses etc.;
  • refrigerator-storehouses - rooms of various sizes, structural solutions and temperature storage conditions for building of which the modern constructions of steel framework, roof and walls are used;
  • shock freezing chambers for foods are used in food industry at processing and storage of vegetables, fruit, meat providing keeping their quality and increasing shelf-live;
  • chambers with the controlled gas environment are intended for storage of fruit and vegetables (bilberry, grapes, apples etc.) in an environment with the defined СО₂ and oxygen concentration, at the set temperature. Thus this or that gas mode is selected to keep the normal gas exchange as well as correct correlation between temperature and the garden-stuffs state. The use of this technology allows to extend the period of seasonal products realization for the longest time possible.

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