Buildings warehouse and industrial purposes

Production and warehouse buildings - it is important material element of the capital assets of the enterprise as well as necessary condition for creation of normal environment for production and storage of industrial and agricultural products. On a background of the moral and physical wear of building built as early as in the middle - end of the XX century there arise a need to build new modern industrial and agricultural buildings.
One of the most promising directions of modern building market is construction of quickly erected buildings (QEB). Together with introduction of new building technologies it became possible to increase the speed of building erection. It could be achieved because the separate pre-fabricated framework and fencing elements are delivered directly on a site area. The whole process definitely takes far less time than in case of classic building technology. Thus, such buildings are not worse than classic brick or monolithic ones according to heating engineering characteristics and durability.
Quick-building technology, based on the lightened metallic constructions and sandwich panels, has a number of substantial advantages.
Quickly erected buildings:
  • no need for deep heavy foundations;
  • clear and simple logistic of building materials delivery on building site;
  • no dirt ("dry" building method applied);
  • modern original appearance;
  • mounting possible at subzero temperatures and light precipitation - a considerable advantage over the classic building methods,
Today QEB are not just a product of the common builders and designers work, QEB is a necessary element of industrialization and progress.


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