About Tectum bud

Tectum-Bud Building Company provides a wide spectrum of building services at the Ukrainian market. We render a complete complex of engineering and building services as well as consulting services on planning, building and equipment of commercial and industrial buildings, rooms with controlled environment (refrigerator, freezing, gas chambers, and shock freezing chambers), and landscape design.

We offer:
1. Management services:
  • project conception development;
  • general contract services;
  • project estimate calculation, works and payments schedules planning;
  • project risks analysis;
  • building program development and optimization;
  • optimization of building estimate;
  • building management;
  • control of project implementation according to the following basic criteria: price, quality, terms;
  • commissioning.
2. Designing:
  • designing of industrial, trade and public buildings;
  • technical and author supervision of building process.
3. Building:
  • building and reconstruction of industrial, storage and public facilities;
  • earthworks;
  • arrangement of foundations;
  • making of metal constructions;
  • construction of building frameworks;
  • mounting of fence constructions;
  • manufacture and mounting of accessories;
  • roof covering works;
  • arrangement of industrial floors;
  • finishing works.

The main feature of our company is cooperation with many manufacturers of various building products. We pay special attention to application of the latest building technologies offering the end-user the complex approach to turnkey building of quickly erected buildings.
The company policy is directed on satisfaction of our customers' necessities. Its priority is high-quality and effective execution of orders in accordance with the necessities and visions of our clients.

Our aim is:
  • quality - providing of high-quality goods and services;
  • innovativeness - introduction of the latest advanced technologies;
  • efficiency - providing of the project realization in the shortest time possible;
  • flexibility - individual approach to every client;
Our mission is the greatest facilitation of prosperous and successful development of your business. We are always ready to provide consultations and give you preliminary commercial proposals in the shortest time possible.
Employees of the company is a coordinated team of professionals having and using in its work extensive experience in building materials and building as well as in marketing and finances. Moreover the staff is well oriented in clients' professional activity, provide stable high quality of goods and works and flexible work with clients. The engineering and administrative personnel of the enterprise hold the corresponding profile diplomas of higher education establishments, and technical and working personnel - corresponding education and leaves for work. The additional instructions for workers are conducted, in particular collaboration with the European manufacturers and realization of trainings for workers on the base of their educational centres.

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